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      Wicked Awesome BBQ is located in East Thetford, Vermont.  We use a variety of hard wood and fruit peels to get our signature smoky flavors.  Here at wicked awesome BBQ we believe in cooking our BBQ low and slow.  We start off with our house made dry rub then we smoke our pulled pork for 10 hours at a temperature between 225 and 250, basting them with root beer.  So between our dry rub, our mixture of heat, and our root beer baste we build layers of flavor that makes our pulled pork the best in the Upper Valley.  Our ribs are given almost the same treatment, except we baste them in apple juice and slow smoke them at 225 for seven hours until the meat literally falls off the bone.  Our chicken drumsticks are rubbed with our house made maple dry rub, then they are grilled and finally slightly steamed for the most amazing chicken you’ve ever had.  We also do a delicious smoked roast beef which we then shave paper thin and pile it high on a toasted bun and smothered with a special house made BBQ sauce.